Teen Yoga  -Saturdays   from 12:30-1:30pmSpecifically designed with tweens and teens   in mind, this program introduces kids to the benefits of a regular yoga   strength & flexibility practice. With peers they can relate to,   and age specific geared instruction and choreography, we create a conducive   environment for tweens and teens to become receptive to the body awareness,   confidence, stress relief, energy and concentration this practice   delivers….while also conditioning for the strength, balance, flexibility and   mobility that is so valuable for movement in general, but especially to avoid   knee and other sports’ injuries.    Classes can be purchased individually or in packs of 6 at discounted   rates.  Sign up now


Introduction   to Kettlebells Workshop –Scheduled once every 60 days.  Saturday 2:00 pm   – 4:00 pmOur mandatory Introductory Kettlebell Workshop is designed to maximize kettlebell training for our members. Along with learning proper stance, form, breathing and other techniques, this  workshop will build a foundation of familiarity with the kettlebell which  will allow you to progress into our kettlebell basics classes. You will leave this workshop knowing the basic fundamental movements of kettlebells. You will know which size bell to   grab, and exactly what to do when the instructor calls for a swing, a  turkish get-up, or a squat and most importantly how a proper lift feels.   This knowledge virtually guarantees a better, safer, more successful   experience for every member. Sign up now
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