Personal Training

Personal Training/Small Group Personal Training

Personal Training is the most effective way to:

  1. Begin an exercise program for the first time or after a long hiatus
  2. More efficiently target and achieve personal fitness goals
  3. Take your fitness routine to a new level
  4. Ensure accountability
  5. Schedule Training to meet your availability/scheduling requirements

Personal Training is available one on one, or for groups of up to 4 people. Our trainers apply Functional Training principles and techniques when developing customized programs designed for you to target your specific fitness needs and scheduling requirements. Your initial consultation will always include a discussion of your goals and lifestyle, as well as a fitness evaluation and health history In addition to Functional training to improve and enhance physical condition for life and sports (mobility, strength, flexibility, agility), we also offer Personal Training for specific modalities: Kettlebell, Yoga, Qigong and specific audiences: Tweens and Teens.
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