Personal Training

Personal Training/Small Group Personal Training 

Modalities: Functional Exercise, Kettlebell, Yoga, and Qigong     

Personal Training is the most effective way to:

  1. Begin an exercise program for the first time or after a long hiatus
  2. More efficiently target and achieve personal fitness goals
  3. Take your fitness routine to a new level
  4. Ensure accountability
  5. Schedule Training to meet your availability/scheduling requirements

Personal Training is available one on one, or for groups of up to 4 people. Our trainers apply Functional Training principles and techniques when developing customized programs designed for you to target your specific fitness needs and scheduling requirements. Your initial consultation will always include a discussion of your goals and lifestyle, as well as a fitness evaluation and health history In addition to Functional training to improve and enhance physical condition for life and sports (mobility, strength, flexibility, agility), we also offer Personal Training/Private Sessions for specific modalities: Kettlebell, Yoga, Qigong and specific audiences: Tweens and Teens.
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