Foundational Premise 2:

The only way to achieve enduring and transformational health and fitness is to combine Intentional Nourishment, Strategic Movement, and Mindfulness practices.

Understand how your unique body digests and uses food for energy.
Recognize your own body’s responses to specific nutrients.
Learn about “foods” that are marketed as healthy but are a burden to your body.
Feel the difference when you are eating foods that are just right for you!
See the difference and the energy and clarity that come with the improved physique!

Our Nutrition program establishes a foundation for eating right that is unique to YOU, so that nourishing your body can become a natural ongoing part of your lifestyle.

To develop your unique program, we take into account a variety of key factors, among them:

Stage in Life
Pre-Existing Conditions
How Your Body Metabolizes Food

Our approach leverages the healing and replenishing power of food and is based on over 30 years of scientific research as well as continual learning in the ever expanding and progressive science of Nutrition. 

What you get:

Your 6 week program will include a Metabolic & Lifestyle Assessment, and be designed to meet your specific needs.  It will include 6 live meetings (one per week) with your Nutrition Coach, detailed guidelines and direction, meal planning support and accountability.  The following themes will be addressed as needed to give you the tools you need to work toward your goals:  

Discovery - Discuss goals and challenges and begin to assess how you can develop healthy habits 

Alkalinizing - Recognize and experience foods that balance, cleanse and reduce the digestive strain on the body

Metobolic Typing - Learn how to energize your body with the right type and balance of proteins, carbs and healthy fats for you 

Cravings - Understand why you crave what you do and how you can steer away from urges while feeling satisfied 

Energetics of Food - Explore the importance of the energy (essence) of your foods and how they affect your mood

Empowerment - Begin to perceive food as purposefull.  Begin making food choice decisions  based on nourishment value  

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